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Factory Floor


Advantages of factory-built homes


1. The materials do not get exposed to the weather before or during construction, and all homes are precision engineered. The result is a better quality home than a traditional site-built home.


2. Factory-built homes can be built up to 3 to 4 months faster.


3. The construction is 30-50% less expensive than the traditional building method.


4. Building permit costs are far lower, and permits are not required aside from garage, foundation, and utilities.


5. We are exempt from title 24 (solar requirements) so y can have bigger windows and more of them


6. We offer a full 7-year warranty as opposed to the traditional 1-year builder warranty.


7. The homes are governed by Manufactured-Housing-Advantage (MH Advantage) under federal law, and therefore, eligible for a lower interest rate but appraised at the same value as a traditional stick-built house.

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The Smart Homes TEAM

Tim Wilkens

Tim Wilkens

Founding Partner & CEO

Mr. Wilkens has been a residential and commercial property developer for 32 years. If Tim can't build it, it cannot be built.

Al Whitehouse

Al Whitehouse

Partner & Chief Product Officer

One of the foremost experts in manufactured housing in the country. He's so wise we call him "Owl Whitehouse."

Claude Fletcher

Claude Fletcher

Partner, Community Liaison

From education to insurance and business management, Claude excels. A team like this needs a grown-up.

Dr. Simon Mills

Dr. Simon Mills

Founding Partner

Financial procurement, digital wizardry, and director of steak and wine

Rebecca Bach

Rebecca Bach

Director of Sales

Rebecca has a gift for making people's—new-home—dreams come true. Also mindreading.

Kassidy Sharp

Kassidy Sharp

Administrative Assistant

Kassidy is pathologically productive. If there is a task, there isn't anymore. The lady is Sharp.

Jacqueline Kapur

Jacqueline Kapur


Former divisional CFO at Bloomberg and financial modeler and strategic CFO for Smart Homes. We call her EBITDArth Vader.