Frictionless Fire Rebuilding

Fire Rebuilding in Napa and Sonoma

How To Make The Process of Building a Home Easy and Efficient

Building a home from the ground up has never been an easy task. From the permitting, obtaining estimates, and finding the right contractor; it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

When the fires of 2017 swept through Sonoma and Napa Counties, many people were faced with the difficult task of rebuilding their homes. Homeowners throughout the counties struggled through the battles of insurance claims only to have the cost of the home be more than they expected or to have endless complications with contractors finishing the work according to expectations.

With Smart Homes, the process of building or rebuilding homes has never been easier. Rather than dealing with the complexity of having to pay a contractor invoice by invoice, Smart Homes facilitates the whole journey along with Fidelity Title company. Fidelity manages all payments for the entire process.


When building with a contractor, many homeowners have experienced unexpected costs repeatedly for change orders or other materials, services, or equipment changes after the fact. Smart Homes makes the process seamless by pricing everything before construction begins. All costs final once a contract has been signed.

People interested in building with Smart Homes can tour the model home in Santa Rosa to help visualize the finished product which helps to understand the various floorplans and options that are available. Smart Homes has strived to ensure that the process of building a house is easy and efficient for the homeowner. 



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