Seven Advantages of factory-built homes

1. Quality

The materials do not get exposed to the weather before or during construction, and all homes are precision engineered. The result is a better quality home than a traditional site-built home.

2. Speed

Factory-built homes can be built up to 3 to 4 months faster.

3. Price

The construction is 30-50% less expensive than the traditional building method.

4. Efficiency

Building permit costs are far lower, and permits are not required aside from garage, foundation, and utilities.

5. Exemptions

We are exempt from title 24 (solar requirements) so you can have bigger windows and more of them

6. Warranty

We offer a full 7-year warranty as opposed to the traditional 1-year builder warranty.

7. Value

The homes are governed by Manufactured-Housing-Advantage (MH Advantage) under federal law, and therefore, eligible for a lower interest rate but appraised at the same value as a traditional stick-built house.


Example Timeline

The Smart Homes TEAM

Founding Partner & CEO

Tim Wilkens

Mr. Wilkens has been a residential and commercial property developer for 32 years and has purchased, renovated, or built over 1,000 homes. Residential housing developments, office developments, high-rise condominiums, hotels, resorts—including the Vino Bello Meritage—and fractional housing throughout California, Nevada, and Texas; expertise in real estate acquisitions, financing, project planning, and entitlements. Named a top 10 homebuilder in the San Francisco Bay area by the North Bay Business Journal in 2006, many notable developments have utilized off-site factory construction. Holder of CA Occupational Developer License, a CA Manufactured Dealers License, and a CA Real Estate Brokers License.

Partner & Chief Product Officer

Al Whitehouse

Al Whitehouse is Smart Homes’ Product Manager and has facilitated the construction of over 38,000 homes in a career spanning almost 40 years in off-site construction. Formerly Plant Manager of Silvercrest Homes, a leading supplier of manufactured housing, Al is one of the foremost experts in manufactured housing in the country.

Founding Partner

Simon Mills

Simon is a serial entrepreneur in real estate, technology, media, marketing, and strategy execution. As a partner, Simon assists the company in capital procurement, marketing, design, branding, technology, and business development. He has deep business consulting expertise which has led to engagements with high-level companies, including Hyatt, AIG, BBDO, CBS, NBC, Starbucks, Pepsi, and many more.

Director of Sales

James JJ Ellison

Successfully completed over $2000M in commercial real estate transactions and played key role in the transit-oriented development of over 2500 urban housing units. Trusted real estate professional specializing in land acquisition, development and sales/marketing spanning almost two decades. Strong emphasis on communication, integrity, and team building.

Partner, Community Liaison

Claude Fletcher

Executive management experience in the fields of education, insurance, and business management, served on the San Jose, CA City Council and on boards of local and state organizations and agencies including: San Jose Redevelopment Agency, California Attorney General Citizen Advisory Council, Association of Bay Area Governments, and the Santa Clara County Criminal Justice System Advisory Board.

Home Designer, Partner

Gordon Gutchess

Commercial Brokerage

Matt Connolly

Co-founder (1991 to 2019)

Tim “TJ” Wilkens Jr