Smart Homes Cost Calculator


This calculator is a guide to the cost of a home but many elements can change depending on your lot and other circumstances. Price cannot be formalized until a contract is drafted but use this tool to get a sense of the basic costs involved in configuring your perfect home. 


Carpet and vinyl come standard with all floor plans. To upgrade floor surfaces, estimate the area from the floor plan. Surface samples below the calculator. 

Tile floors 12"x24" (PPSF) $ 25.00 0
Laminate floors Pinnacle Port ship loose (PPSF) $ 5.00 0
Laminate floor Alto-ship loose (PPSF) $ 6.00 0
Laminate floors Pinnacle Port (PPSF) $ 7.00 0
Laminate floor Alto (PPSF) $ 8.00 0
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